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thanks for ur reply! my phone supports the following bands:4G/LTE 1800, 4G/LTE 2600, 4G/LTE 800, GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 850, 3G 900, 3G 2100

so will it be able to support lte? not that it matters since i wont be using data there cause its too expensive.

i saw in the other thread that i can buy the bmobile sim to use data, but the thing is that i can only get it to deliver to my hotel over there. is there any data sim that i can buy here in singapore and bring it along instead? can see if you are able to logon to Softbank LTE network when you're there ya. If not your phone will switch over to 3G 1900mhz. That's the band Jap and USA uses for GSM.

I don't think you can buy any Japs SIM cards in SG. In anycase, you don't need to use Japs SIM cards over there if you're not planning many calls or use data. For data usage, you can login to the free WIFI your hotel offers you. And many big shopping malls have free WIFI too.

Or you can also sign up for free at

It's Japs version of Wireless@SG. Do take note the coverage is not very good and not every shopping malls or centers will have Freespot access, even in big cities eg Sapporo.

Hotel WIFI is still the most stable of all. You can also go to Sim Lim Sq and get yourself a portable WIFI router to bring it along your trip. Some Japs Hotel doesn't have WIFI coverage in the rooms,. THey only got a LAN cable. Your portable wireless router will come in handy here. Just plug the LAN cable into your router and you can have free wireless access in your room.
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