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On the contrary, daylight is much longer in Hokkaido during the summer months.

FYI, sunrise is at ard 4am(!) and by 4.30am, the place will be as bright as SG at ard 9am. You need to get used to this as the sun can literally shine into your hotel room and your face. I woke up at ard 430 -5am every morning during my trip to enjoy the ultimate transqulity surrounding the hotels. There will be zero human and vehicular traffic at that time despite the sun is high up in the sky

Sunset time is slightly later than ours at ard 7.30pm.

Winter time however, will be a different story. Sunrise is about same at ard 4.30-5am. But during winter time, sunset at 4.30pm. Its totally dark by 5+pm liao.

Apply sunblock? Haha its your choice lor. Hokkaido is not Aussie, the ionosphere is intact over there
wow. thats interesting. dk why the website says only 5 hours of sun... but what time do the shops usually open and close over there?
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