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so early? what stuffs are there to do after 5pm then?
Actually not much, esp if you're staying in small towns eg Mombetsu, Kamikawa etc.

This is why I said Hokkaido is a very different place from Tokyo. Disregard what you read about Japs working 20 hrs days until they drop dead. In hokkaido, most of their people work shorter or at least the same hrs as we do.

You can walk/drive ard the town you're staying in and see which restaurants are still open. But chances of finding one will be slim. You will prob hang out at 7-11, Lawson or Senicmart

Or you can relax in your hotel onsen (if it comes with it) or your room ya. A Japs style room with tatami is big enough to really stretch out. You can also
watch TV. All hotels have deployed digital HD LCD TVs already.

And there's plenty of ahem... interesting channels if you buy a card from a machine near the lift lobby
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