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long time no use cgw.
what is the % cost of fuel and insurance surcharges on top of basic shipping rates? (not reflected in calculator). thks.
9% for fuel surcharge in june and 0.65% for insurance.

i realised hsg and cgw have different shipping prices even though its the same company...
cgw is slightly cheaper (3.3 vs 3.4/0.5kg for express shipping or 2.7 vs 2.85/0.5kg for standard)...kinda negates the 10% off for hsg.

also, my experience with live quote completely depends on your luck.

they quoted 1kg for some pc parts i ordered from amazon, turned out to be 3.5kg. didn't buy the guarantee cause i thought the keyboard wouldn't be packed into a large box, turns out i was wrong. after repacking, its now 1.5kg. had to pay 0.5kg more and the US$7 repacking fee . the item became very expensive all of a sudden

they quoted 4kg for some shoes i ordered from amazon too, which i expected to turn up in a super huge and oversized box. turns out the shoes were only 2.5kg...and guess what, i bought shipping guarantee for that

talk about suay.

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