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yea heard about a lot of scary stories. anyway what are the must buy stuffs over there? are the stuffs like dried scallops really much cheaper?
Yup and most other seafood too.

What I learnt from this trip is that Otaru may not be the cheapest place to buy fresh/dried scallops. Seaweed and 昆布 still ok.

You'd be surprised how cheap things are at Sapporo Outer Market. Google for the place location.That marketr primarily caters to their locals, so the $$ are cheaper. Its virtually impossible for any tour groups in SG to go there de. See the difference between F&E and packaged tours? F&E allows you to mingle with the locals at their levels... packaged tours forces you to see pre-determined tourist spots.

If you want fresh scallops at the source, meaning straight off the farms, you may consider touring the east coast of Hokkaido. Abashiri, Yubetsu and Mombetsu are major producers of ultra high quality scallops and other seafood. You can see some of their 'kelong' along the coastline when you drive along it.

百色恋人choc can be bought at the factory itself. The place is a must go in Sapporo.

And you gotta try the western pastries and cakes in Sapporo. You'd be surprised how the Japs can actually improve on western dishes with their Japs elements. They're not cheap but the taste is something you can't get here in SG for that kind of $$.
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