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Hi I am a first timer SC applicant applying for a new flat. My husband is a foreigner n I have a 1 year old SC child. So I listed my husband as an occupier.
I was working full time for a year 2 years ago. Not working now as I am looking after baby at home. Can I know if I am still eligible for AHG if my foreigner spouse has worked more than a year in overseas. Coz I saw the ahg application form n they stated to provide the employment details of spouse even if he is an occupier. Pls shed some light. Thanks!
Which means you havent been working full time for the past 1-2 years??

This below is from HDB, i dont think occupier will play a part in AHG or repayment.

The Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) Scheme is meant to help citizen families with a steady household income to buy their first subsidised home. It is based on a workfare concept, where at least one of the applicants must have worked continuously for 12 months prior to the flat application and remain employed at the point of flat application.
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