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i tried for AHG.. hdb is very very strict with regards to the grant.. i got rejected despite multiple appeals through various MPs and even sending emails to the ministers..
So why was it rejected?

thanks for the clarification! i ever read somewhere in the forum that if you get the AHG, you cant sublet the unit, maybe the person got his info wrong..
Depend on the whole lot of information given, see below..

Minimum Occupation Period
SC flat owners who wish to sublet their flat must meet a 3 or 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) as follows:

5 years
Non-subsidised flat (flat purchased from the open market without a CPF housing grant) and the application to buy the flat was received by HDB on or after 30 Aug 2010.
Subsidised flat (flat purchased directly from HDB or from the open market with a CPF housing grant)
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