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U nw had a roof ..y need buy..probably hdb thk u shld hv work substantial yrs b4 u apply flat from them..even they gve u grant can u buy? Dun depend on grants..its a bonus to hve
It is a 2 room rental flat so it is not under my name. The rental is based on income and contract is renewed every 2 years. It is not wise to stay in a rental flat forever, sooner or later I have to move on, what if my contract is not renewed by hdb, where am I gonna to stay? My sibling and I are mid 20s already and are still sharing a bedroom (Opposite gender). Hdb should recognise and provide proper aid for those who really need it. My parents have passed and my sibling and I are trying to move on and learn to be independent.

If you are in the same situation as me, what will you do?
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