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there are a few reputable brands, panasonic, daikin, mit, etc...However good or not is not the same to everyone, very much due to individual experience.

for me:
one house is using mitsubishi System 2, so far after 5 years, still working fine.

another house has daikin installed in Living/Dining(system 2) and 3 bedrooms(System 3). after 12 years, the compressor in System 3 spoilt, so gotta change all...i changed to LG. now 3 years already, LG still ok.
the diakin in living/dining is still working fine since 15 years ago.

so my experience with mit, daikin, LG so far so good. but daikin has proven to run for more than 12 for me, my preference is daikin.
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