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Those 100yen shops are your best bet. There are other 100 yen shops in Hokkaido in addition to Daiso.

Or you can also shop ard various gift shops located inside the attractions for best deals. You may just find something within your budget

FYI, unlike Sillypore, where we often have to pay alot for food only to find it taste awful, there's no such things as awful tasting food in Japan, particularly in Hokkaido. If you read my other postings/threads, Japs take great pride in their work and they're very particular about food quality.

Like I said, make full use of their 7-11, Lawson and Senicmart for your low priced food, beer,sake, shioju etc You have to experience it to believe it.

Do not use our local 7-11 as reference
Just came back frm 7d Tokyo trip. Final night went to ueno ameyoko street to get another bag for luggage. Went into this supermarket which sells alot of Japanese.sweets and tidbits, all quite low priced 100 to 300 yen. I bought an over flowing full basket for 10k yen...end up bag I bought full of these and had to buy yet another small bag at
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