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Psb offer a shorter duration and its stated that it is recognise globally. Unisim will be able to apply for moe tuition fee loan. Putting all else equal, which cert will be more prefered by employers?
I believe youre talking about the degree by University of Newcastle at PSB? Depends on where you'd want to work. I guess if you work overseas, the Newcastle degree would be better than unisim. Locally, I guess Unisim would have more recognition in the coming years since its just been declared local uni mean got government backing.

My sis did take the degree from PSB. She got a job offer before she graduated. No exp other than poly attachment. Local dip with the Newcastle safety degree from PSB. So far only work 2 months. 2.8k. I guess she was quite lucky. And what's more this line of work no competition from local uni grads since they dont offer this course.
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