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Update 2

If anyone has been following on the ASUS RT-AC56U RMerlin DDWRT development that i have posted in this thread, i'm pleased to announce that another milestone has been reached We are officially @ beta5 now, barely a week ago since beta3.

More bug fixes and enhancements have been done. I will post up fixes list (when allowed by RMerlin) when we hit general public release status. ASUS RT-AC56U users can expect a comprehensive and robust firmware with good feature set that works well when the ASUS RT-AC56U ships.

Just love seeing this system log knowing that 2x ARM Cortex A9 CPU cores are running

Update 3

No effort are spared in perfecting it's WiFi transmission/receive as well even the ASUS RT-AC56U hardware are redesigned as compared to last year models to reduce WiFi interference, I will write more on this in due time

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