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their reply:

We understand your concerns and kindly allow us to share with you how the data is calculated. When your smartphone is on, the applications will be running in the background (E.g Push emails
and in-app notification) and consumed data. Data usage is therefore collated base on any of the
following criteria:

- Total data used in 8 hour block
- When customer hits 20MB
- Customer / Device initiated. Eg Should you switch off data or close all apps.

The total usage will then be total and offset against the mobile plan bundled data in the monthly

Common activities such as sending a photo, streaming a video and surfing the web
consume an average of 100kb to 4Mb. Therefore, a 100kb charging block makes more sense for
today's data usage patterns.

We have been progressively upgrading our 3G and 4G customers to enjoy this higher speed
of 42Mbps and 150Mbps at no extra charge since January this year. The charging block applies
to all mobile lines.


so, what does that mean? they charge in 100kb blocks based on every 8hr usage?
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