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alright just got my HDF sponge wax yesterday and only use it today for the first time and here is my user opinion. upon opening the cap the smell was alright then upon digging some of the product out, wow it is spongy as the name suggest need to use abit of force to dig it out. easy to spread on palm and also easy to apply on hair *i blow dry my hair*as well. as for the hold well nah not impress at all for now as i only use little bit not like in those videos where they put damn lot. i will use more tomorrow and see how it goes. for now if i wan to do some spike this wax doesn't cut it uevo green/grey is still better.

will update tomorrow once i use more.
today i put more product on but still no hold i will be selling off interested PM me. i can say that this wax is more for those doing slick back and medium hair length, but i have to say it is super super bloody hell easy to wash off just by using water only.
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