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Fully agreed. Bring enough cash and a credit card for big ticket purchases.

Debit cards may not be accepted by overseas banks nor their ATMs. As a rule, make sure your DBS debit card carries the Sirrus logo. But even then, it may not garantee your card will work over there.

And even if it works, think about the hefty surcharges incurred just to use the card. You're better off using that surcharge amount to change for more Yen at The Arcade.

FYI, debit cards are NOT accepted at most car rental companies worldwide, including the car rental agencies in Hokkaido. And JAL and ANA website doesn't allow you to use debit cards to purchase the tickets either. So its still not a true credit card despite what Visa wants you to think.
Serious or not? I don't even have credit card but I'm wanna buy ticket to Japan. How?
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