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Hi, am a bit noob regarding hair style and recently cut a quiff. Would like to ask whether do i need to thin my hair on top a bit to style a quiff or no need? cause the person cutting my hair did not seems to thin my hair on top so the top is shorter as compared to the front but around the same hair thickness, quite thick. My hair is those super fine and straight type. And also is a hair spray needed for maintaining quiff? Thanks a lot.
Actually thinning of the hair only makes your hair look less thicker. Thicker hair looks more haggard and when you style hair which is thick, its harder and it will tend to look like a bush if you didnt go for a right hairstyle. So if i am not wrong, i would say thinning of the hair doesnt really matter the ability to style a quiff but instead, it affects the whole outlook in totality. I am guessing if your hairstylist is decent enough, it should be fairly okay.

And yes to your second question. I would say hair spray is essential. Without hair spray, there is no way your quiff can hold through the entire day. Wells, at least thats for me.
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