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Below is an elaborated description of nigelle bold make clay

Selling points:

- Top grade clay which is non sticky to create your desired texture easily with dry matte finish; Comes with pleasant smell
- Lightweight clay which does not pull the hair down yet at the same time, looking natural
- Exclusively catered to create layered hair texture and tousled look; Fantastically strong holding power to last through the day
- Absolute easiness to style and washing off
- Best for people with short to medium hair length
- Nigelle is one of the premium brands in Japan; Quality is guaranteed

Something you should also know:

- A special type of clay which is soft and wet in nature; Typical clay is dry and hard which could be relatively hard to apply
- Nigelle Bold Make Clay SH does not become firm after application which allows high level of easiness in restyling freely and flexibly
- How long can this last (daily usage): 8 to 10 months
Hey bro, got sample for me to try? Haha. :x
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