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Because your hair is thin so its good that you use saltwater spray to give it a matte structure. And also, creating hair volume for you too. I will advise you to go for Asian brands. European brands (Sebastian, Schwarzkopf, Hanz De Fuko) are formulated to better suit Caucasian's hair texture and might not really suit you, i feel. For example, if you use Sebastian Craft Clay on your hair, because its thin and presumably straight too, its relatively hard for you to style it up. Even though with the help of saltwater spray, it might be easier but IMO, it will be easier for you to use Japan brands clay (Uevo, EBL, Nigelle). U will have an easier time to create layered or your desired hair texture.

Another point to take note is that since your hair is thin, you might want to avoid pomade or gel or wax with high shine. With shine, it will make your hair appear even thinner and finer. That would defeat the whole fundamental purpose. And do not use too much of the clay to pinch your hair ends. Tousle it while styling and for the fringe, just crunch it slightly so that it tends to look more natural.Too much pointed ends might not give you the desired voluminous look that you want.
thanks for the advice.... u hav pm....
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