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i think one more thing to consider is hair colour.... i recently dyed my hair jet black... and although i had thin looking hair, as in sparse, the intense black made it seem like its much thicker... should have dyed then let stylist cut... wrong move there... [blardy army.... tio ict....zzzzzzzz]

and... the sea spray really sia... i'd say its like a toothpaste! you dun need it per se... primary sch mass brush teeth always no toothpaste de right?...but then once u used it, you cant go back XD
+1 to OS fashion sea spray! btw jh, since u said better to apply when wet, i applied just now after bathing... see whether after one night's sleep the volume is there anot! for the lazy! haha

in other news i went to hoot vantachi hair clay also! cos it comes in a tube hahaha...but gonna take at least a month to arrive... i see some places say its comparable to nigelle sia... dunno true not... anyone got experience with this guy?
Yeah it gives better results when applied on damp hair. But if you sleep with it, i am not sure if you might wake up with a lion's mane leh.

Personally, i used Vantachi hair clay in tube form before. In fact, i have one instock now as its a new product that i tried importing myself to test how it goes. To be frank, its nowhere comparable to Nigelle Bold Make Clay. Both gives a matte texture as finish but Vantachi is much harder to apply as it is very sticky. It will become firm after application pretty fast whereas Nigelle does not. But the good thing about Vantachi is that its gives a very pleasant fruity smell and the hold is awesomely good too.
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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