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Yeah it gives better results when applied on damp hair. But if you sleep with it, i am not sure if you might wake up with a lion's mane leh.

Personally, i used Vantachi hair clay in tube form before. In fact, i have one instock now as its a new product that i tried importing myself to test how it goes. To be frank, its nowhere comparable to Nigelle Bold Make Clay. Both gives a matte texture as finish but Vantachi is much harder to apply as it is very sticky. It will become firm after application pretty fast whereas Nigelle does not. But the good thing about Vantachi is that its gives a very pleasant fruity smell and the hold is awesomely good too.
No mane! In fact... it looks pretty good leh hahaha! Results may vary though. Disclaimer- My hair super straight... every hair stylist will complain... and alot ppl tot I rebond...

Ooo... so vantachi has like sick hold? Compare to joico leh? Since both tube
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