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I tried top and tap last night. Went to the website and selected $100. This morning went to AXS but don't see any top up amount. By immediately, anybody knows what's the time frame from topping up online to axs? Thought their FAQs mentioned will hold the amount for 3 months.
farked! i juz did a top n tap for $20 to test water using uob pp visa. went to axs,saw the existing value and to be updated value of $20. however when i put my card to the reader,it loads but end of it says update failed!!

tried again but now shows no amount to be updated and existing value remained the same!! my $20 disappear!!

called up ezlink and cso will get back to me in 3-5working days,req me to send her my cc statement too. Charging me $0.35 for all this 'convenience'?!
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