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Hi leonaheidern , did u try to call using the card? I try to call but call was being rejected. I call the helpdesk but it talk very long and in thai so i put down and i check bal i was being deducted then i dare not call out anymore. But on my last day i saw my card left 22baht only. Any idea why like tat ar?
I was calling my mum on another dtac number. shes also on dtac but she took the 49 bhat + 100 bhat call credit option instead.

Er i didn't experience what you did but when I left BKK today i still had around 60 bhat left.

There were a few times I called her and I got some music connecting tone then the call rejected ( i suspect that was a cross line)

And maybe one or two times the call got rejected straight away though my mum says that she never received the call.

We communicated by whatsapp most of the time.
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