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Pipe Leakage - quoted $800!

Just want to share on my experience with All Best IMM.

I have bought an air-con STARMEX INVERTER from them on 4th July and the salesman have told us we do not need to change our piping as it was the more durable kind that were used 10 years ago. Subsequently, the technician came to install late last week and by saturday, the aircon is not blowing cold air. We called them up and the same technician came over and said the gas pressure is leaking and will have to change the piping. This is ridiculous! We only have the aircon for 2 days! And to add on, the technician said it is due to the new refrigerant R410A that were used on the new aircon. Why they did not inform us early!?

Any aircon experts here can recommend me on what will best for this case? All Best suggested to change pipes or should I call another company for a second opinion?


Hi, I have a similar problem. Aircon system is 10 years old. Recently when we switch on 1 of the units, the whole house short circuit. Aircon tech (recommended by friend) say 1of the compressor units spoil and gave us 2 options -- change aircon unit (quoted $1200 onwards) or just change the compressor unit alone ($650). We opted for the compressor unit alone. 1 month later, the aircon unit stop blowing cold air. Aircon tech checked and confirmed that leakage was in pipe which is within false ceiling. Have to hack ceiling, change pipe, repair ceiling -- quoted $800. He said change pipe, next time if I want to change aircon system, the pipe can still use.

Is this a fair price to pay? Am i taken for a ride? $800 seems very exp but I don't know about the market rate also. I tried asking another aircon company, the person told me estimated $1000.
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