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Q no is differentiate between different room size by alphabet differences.

So no, 3 room has their own q no, 4rm has their own and the same for 5rm.

Example, CCK BTO i got for 4rm is GB026, while GC026 would be for 5rm..

If you wan a clear comparision, login to My HDBPage>My Flat>New Flat then click on ur ref no. Next, get another who balloted for the same project site but different rm size to do the same.

i clicked on the "If you have been invited to select a flat, find out whether your choice unit is still up for grabs here."

11 units have been selected for the woodlands 3 room flats.

HDB InfoWEB: Flats Available for Selection (For Invited Applicants) : Buying A New Flat
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