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Been using the Kanebo for a few days, the smell is nice and hair seems less oily...overall quite worth a small clay sample from jun hong together with the shampoo

Today just used the sample clay (called EBL) quite lasting hold (6am till now) although i use a bit of gastby spray together and easy to style my hair with it.

Junhong should be posting picture of that clay product here soon... Guys here should check it out....
Once again, thanks for your positive reviews bro!

And i started to give out sample of a new product, EBL Head Colour Forced Finalizing Hair Clay 80g. As the name itself explains, it really allows one to pierce and structure any form of hairstyles, be it defying gravity or not, to last through the entire day. Very easy to use and i realized that it can in fact last pretty long (3months or even more if used daily). The hold itself is terrific and i myself am using it now everyday with medium hair length. Gives off a pleasant smell too but not kanebo smell aka shea butter. And yes, its to you netzach bro.

Just to add on that I am currently testing it out and will be giving out samples in the meantime to test the response. Stocks wont be in so soon, perhaps October or even November. And just to share how it looks like.

We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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