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I really got limited quantities for this shampoo. It will be on first come first serve basis. Repacked versions will also be possible if more of you guys want to try it out. But you know la huh. Repacked versions though cheap, will tend to be slightly more expensive than if you buy in the full tub version.

On a side note, when it comes to controlling the oils in the hair, kanebo will surpass carbolic shampoo on this aspect. Kanebo removes the itchiness from the scalp, controls the excess oils and yet at the same time, provides moisturizing effect for the hair without feeling dry at all. Whereas carbolic shampoo is an organic shampoo that effectively and strongly removes impurities, cleanses the scalp and removes the stench from one's hair. If you are one with oily and thinning/fine hair, both products will be suitable for you.
kanebo can remove itchiness from the scalp ah?
but carbolic can cleanse the scalp. abit hard to choose leh.
cham liao. haha
i don't have oily hair and scalp but i think scalp itchy cause of the products used. haha
recommend me? haha
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