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dont mind my 2 cent on kanebo shampoo. its part of my rotation kit for my hair care.

giovionni thriple tree treat as my morning wash as its really minty and keep the scale super cooling

redkan cleansing foam as my once in three day shampoo of the choice for night wash, literally clean the **** out of ones hair, but its also so potent that it dry out your hair super fast. soak your hair in it for 10mins and your hair will be literally free of hair product.

kanebo, use it nightly as i really dig the shea butter smell, after waahing it just make me feel really relax just by smelling it. the least drying of all 3 shampoo, best smelling of them all and cleansing effect i will rate it on par with the Giovanni but lose out to the redken.

lastly, as my hair are bleaches, plus i uses 5 products in my daily styling, namely redken root spray, sea salt, quicksand for volumising purpose, nigelle wax for styling and powerpoint spray for setting it in place, my hair are quite screwed up, but the nigelle hair mask keep to be able to keep my hair healthy...
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