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is it overkill to apply seasalt spray before drying, then for styling I use Quicksand? Or is either one sufficient?

I use straightener to add abit of curl, and I find that if I use Quicksand before drying, even though it adds volume the hair gets too dry for straightener (feels like a tug-of-war lol)
If you read back several pages, you will notice that there are not only one or two people, instead several users who have been combining the use of seasalt spray and quicksand in their routine. Personally, i did not try it before though but I believe it should be feasible as seasalt spray is liquid-form product while quicksand is non-liquid-form product.

As for the dryness, volumizing products are envisaged to give such results. Do not worry that it will be damaging or what but if its too dry for you to handle, reduce the amount and experiment with the curling.
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