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have u allow ur hair to dry naturally after spraying the sea salt spray? without blow drying or even apply on dry hair?
Sometimes you find yourself having to face a question which is to use hairdryer to blow dry or not to use hairdryer to blow dry. This furthers the dilemma when one is not in a rush to get out of house. So why not i let it air-dry on its own?

There is a difference between blow-drying and letting it air dry completely on its own. The results will be significantly different as blow-drying your hair will create forced movements in the hair due to the strong wind from the hairdryer. That is also why some people use hairdryer to create volume alongside with the use of brush because its different. Letting it air dry will only end up with one outcome - FLAT hair. Of coz if your hair texture itself isnt straight but curly or afro-like, then it might not be the case for you. But because typical asians have straight hair, once air-dried on its own, it will be heavy and hence, FLAT hair.

So unless you r not heading out of house, please do blow dry your hair. And if you are worrying that it will damage ur scalp or something, you can exercise safety precautions by blowing it from a reasonable distance. Like what gaoxing and nightmare mentioned, best results from saltwater spray will be achieved using a hair-dryer.
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