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Tried the main store a few days back at MBK; no stock. Went to one of those small handphone shops and was quoted 499 baht with configuration. I bargain until 299 baht; wholesale price without config. Put in my phone, switch on.. Working already. Don't need any config. I using BB so need to call and activate the BB plan which is ~80 baht for 1 week.
dtac tourist 299 cards only sold in 7-11 and bkk airport (not don muang) or those thailand local brand 24 hours conviences stores. handphone shop dun sell dtac tourist 299 as they earn nothing. u being conned by the handphone shop. i went to so many handphone shop in bkk and hatyai and zero handphone shop or dtac authorised reseller shop sell the tourist happy 299 sim.

AIS tourist 299 also sold in thailand airport ais booth only. not the don muang one
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