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Selling RMIT TB


MKTG1266 Marketing Communications:
Integrated Marketing Communication in Advertising and Promotion by Shimp
8th edition

MKTG 1047 Market Research
Essentials of Marketing Research
by William G. Zikmund and Barry J. Babin
Photocopied (Tabbed)

MKTG1271 Buyer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour: Implications for Buyer Behaviour Marketing Strategy
by Pascale G. Quester, Simone Pettigrew, and Del I. Hawkins
6th Edition
Photocopied (Bound and wrapped in clear plastic)

MKTG1272 Business Ethics
The Moral of the story- an introduction to ethics
Nina Rosenstand

ISYS2059 Business Computing 1
Computing for Business Success
2nd Edition (CD intact)
Brand new

Prices are negotiable, bundles are available
Please PM me or msg me @ 96703797
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