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RouterPro TCP on N66U gives me 20+Mbps.
StealthVPN UDP on my PC gives me 100+Mbps.
Both are referring to US server.
Can you change on your Asus router connection type from RouterPro to OpenVPN and check? From what I read on other forums N66U should be capable of 60-80Mbps speeds via VPN. I don't think there is a need of using StealthVPN or RouterVPN mode in SG unless you are with one of the three major telcos.

Apart from that we should make a template so that everyone can provide as much details as possible to help other choosing appropriate VPN for his ISP.

ISP: ViewQwest 150Mbps
VPN: Astrill (LA servers)
Device: Mac OS X with Astrill app installed
Connection type: OpenVPN
Speedtest: 172ms, 30-70 Mbps
Max Speed: 150+ Mbps (15 MB/s)

I am testing Astrill on 7day trial and I am surprised of being able to max out my ISP connection speed via VPN.

How to check max speed?
1. Download Firefox and DownThemAll addon.
2. Open this page in Firefox and download one of the file on the left side using DownThemAlll (e.g. 1000MB file).
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