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Just received the Gold Digger By Vilain. took them less than 2 weeks to deliver from Denmark. Thumbs up!
Design of the container i guess they got the idea from Sebastian craft clay.

First Smell impression - hardly any smell, hmm can't make up what smell it is but its definitely not smelly. very mild smell (maybe butter not definitely not shea butter)

First impression, the texture of the product looks like HdF sponge wax but once you dig it out, it will feel like the Sebastian craft clay. Very thick and very heavy clay feel. This is kinda different from the usual HdF product i used. It's so strong (stronger than Sebastian Craft Clay) that you need a little strength to emusify the product in your hands, got to rub till it's a little warm before applying. This product dries up really fast so once it's in your hands, must quickly apply into your hair. It's so darn strong till you need a little strength to power it thru your hair. Shaping and styling of hair is as easy as the videos we watch on Slikhaar Tv, they didn't oversell their product. Totally matte look. You can have the sleek matte look, beach style or even wild hair do, this product will certainly hold it. Very dry product, comparable to Uevo Grey and Nigelle Bold Make Clay (maybe even drier).

One of the strongest product i have ever used (even stronger than the old Sebastian Xtah Clay)

From what i read, maybe having a few tiny drops of water will work the product better and will help give you some time to style before it dries up. I still prefer to have no water though.

so far from 7am till now, my hair hasn't really flopped, even my long fringe sticks to the side and my sides that are shaved, grew out is still pressed down in place.

Will update if it's easy to wash off using normal shampoo.

*buyer beware - this is damn strong clay. Not suitable for people with really fine hair, other than that, i would recommend people to dry, it's quite cheap, 24 bucks after shipping.

I think there's a promo for buy 10 tubs. I can help order if got 10 people interested. I don't earn but i get the free KMS styling spray (as profit, haha)
Need 10 to fill up the order and we can go order! total 130 Euros + shipping,1 around 25 sgd odd? PM me or text me 96927419

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