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Nakano wax & Schwarzkopf spray

I have just gotten Nakano wax and Schwarzkopf Root Lift and Bodifying spray from soonw29 and would like to share my review about them. Found both products complement well for quiff styling. They keep all the hair in place while maintaining volume. Both have very nice smell, even nicer than Joico Ice in my opinion. I have thick and straight hair so I am not sure about the results on other hair type.

Nakano has a sticky body and thus useful to hold stubborn hair down. It gives a slight gloss finish which makes the hairstyle slicker and suitable for office and elegant style. If you are looking for matt finish I suggest other wax such as joico instead.

Schwarzkopf Root Lift and Bodifying spray is a must to have for styling quiff. It is a sea salt spray equivalent. Just like other sea salt spray, it is applied on towel-dry hair and then blown dry into quiff shape. Works like magic as it keeps the stubborn strands at the sides and back well in the position that I have blown dry. Makes my quiff styling very fast; in less than 10mins.

In all, if you are going for back comb or quiff, a sea salt spray will definitely help tremendously. This is just my review on these 2 products, you might not need to get the same brand but strongly recommend a sea salt spray if you are having trouble doing a perfect quiff.
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