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Tell me about it.... jhong couldn't recognise me T.T...

Refreshing feeling la I would say.... not as bad as bmt that scalp irritation though

Haha that's why I suggested you do the long fringe one. Keep some length there!
which hairstyle to go for? sorry cant find guy pic, only managed to find girl's short hairstyle on the internet! guy short shaved hair all like military crew cut or quiff that kind.

suitable for what face shape?

cant wait for my head shave tomorrow. its now or never. gonna be my shortest hair ever since BMT. hope I can pull off the look?

been wanting to try this for quite some time but no courage to do so.

by the way, how to ask for the shortest shave that the hairdresser have? is their shortest clippers same or shorter than NS botak kind?





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