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lol at last the Kobayashi ship is sinking... back in the "salon thread" I told you all liao, the chio bu purple/vivian cannot last one la, unless your stylist is some guy or not chio bu. x3dnd3x go to the higher floor outlet, not so much people there, and Su not as popular as those 2 mentioned. at most yumiko is chio if you can pay her rates.

simi loyal regular customer, they dun give a flying fark about you

they got what sponsor for The Great Gatsby, they no need care about their customers liao what, like those big companies that do styling for TV or fashion shows.

every time take photo, say their salon is full, only got 4-5 sylist and double the amount of seats, half for those cutting and the other half for people to wait... haha

and I know the boss, stylists and maybe customers of Kobayashi will read this forum, but either you do something about it, buck up or be prepared to lose customers
I've had enough of Kobayashi man.
Wait 1-2hours with an appointment made. "Are you in a hurry?" "Can you wait 15mins"
Come on, I'm no idiot or have a screw loose somewhere, I know what's 15minutes & a good 1hour odd over close to 2hours. there's absolutely nothing magical about the haircut & experience there to warrant a 1-2hour wait.
Being treated like an idiot one time too many is not very funny - it damages the very inner core of me.
No reason to spend over 100 there almost every trip to be treated like an idiot. i've much better things to do with my life
bro, you serious that the Kobayashi dudes read this forum too? very good, then i've my final two words for them & that is FUG YOU!

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