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I encounter the same situation too, waited close to 1 hr despite making an appt with them. Give them 1 more chance, if still no improvement I will be jumping ship laio
i've been getting that nonsense all the while.

usually what time u guys made the appt?
so far didn't encounter any problem for my afternoon session, hope it stays that way
Weekdays - 6 plus
I always make at 7. Nv once I waited for more than 15mins. Maybe I bff with purple cause I can speak canto. Haha
i went there with an appointment booked at 4. waited 1-2hours (weekday)

went there at 7 too with an appointment booked on a weekday after work previously for a couple of times when I was doing my internship, waited 1-2hours. fuggin shagged after work already i tell you.

oic. bff with purple thats why don't have to wait/wait time <15mins. i've waited always for upwards of an hour with an appointment booked, guess i'm prolly far off the bff level.

then again, being pushed back in line and waiting 1-2hours even with an appointment booked simply because one is not at the bff level, destroys the very meaning of booking an appointment. i would have let myself down if i continue to allow myself to be treated in that manner man.

but it's ok, i'll always treat someone in-like manner. i'm outta Kobayashi for good.

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