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Rmb to say no to wait for awhile. Problem solved. But if you get **** hair cut the leave lo. Jump ship. Haha cannot give in to them because they pretty or say pls what. You made an appt. You have the right.
when you say no to waiting for awhile, those fellows are prolly cutting someone's hair at that point of time right? They wouldn't stop the cutting & all, and attend to you if you say no to waiting for awhile right? so what is a reasonable 'awhile' then in that case?

if that 'someone' before you in the line gets rushed, what will happen if that 'someone' after you says no to waiting for 'awhile' too? i know they are professional hairstylists and all, but just a thought.

get **** hair cut then leave & jump ship? as i've said many times, there's nothing magical about the haircut to begin with to warrant a 1-2hour wait.

i'm not at all keen in giving in, just that i don't like to create a scene there.

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