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CORIUM Medicated Shampoo for Hair & Scalp

Little brother on the left 335ml - $45++ IIRC from Kobayashi
Big brother on the right 760ml - $60 fresh & direct from Japan (EMS $ included)

(you know the mathematics. )

- Cleans & clears the scalp.
- The medical haircare for scalp and hair, leaves the scalp somewhat feeling good.
- No worries about the smell, not a hint of anything 'medicated' but don't expect something like the AWWWWW YEAHH BABE! SMELLS SO GUUDD LIKE KANEBO! I NEED YOU NAO!
- Removes excess oil, old sebum and dandruff (can cause hair loss). - I don't know about the dandruff thing, but very honestly, this sheet here is good in removing excess oil & would be good for oily scalp.

- This is what the Kobayashi dudes use on you. Heck, I can even get the Corium conditioner spray that they spray on you for the hair scalp treatment for 1/2 the price inclusive of EMS$. I just have to figure out how to ship in flammable items.

- Ideal routine for me would be the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo for the minty, fresh scrub to keep me awake/wake me up in the morning, Corium when I'm back to wash away the sea salt+hair spray, and finally the Kanebo (WRU!!) at night for the AWWW SHO GUDDD smell.
share how to buy?
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