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wah got this kind of ppl ar o.0 disgrace sia...

put number here so other bros who organize mo or what wun tio sarbo....

but u can just spill it over into the next batch right? ppl want instant take dunnid wait
got luh. everyone can't wait to lay their hands on it. haha

i can expose his picture here but don't want la. Just wanna rant here. haha don't spoil his rep if he has one.

he buay swee. lol. even he don't want just drop me a text la, but he chose to MIA. lol very difficult to tell me hey bro, i don't think i need it anymore. at least i dont have to keep chasing him to see if he meeting up to deal anot and i don't have to waste my time.

Actually, there are some who did the same thing to me too. I too do understand that they might have their own reasons but nevertheless, its only basic courtesy to inform the party should you don't want it anymore. Make this world a happier world for everyone huh bros.
exactly. at least i don't have to keep waiting what right?
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