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I don't know how to do powderful review....
Anyway after using twice with seasalt spray and quicksand I must say that the hold is one of the better type of hair products I have used.
The thing I like most is that it's not too sticky so I can wash off my hands easily after applying and also easy to apply on my hair. Very easy to wash off and I do feel my hair feels a bit softer after washing. Unlike stuff like Joico erratic clay which I can feel my hair still has some clay despite washing twice.
Thanks Bro Gaoxing

If anyone is interested, I got a bottle of unused Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax sample I purchased from HairyPortal to sell. Got 2 bottles and 1 quicksand and decided Sponge Wax is not for me as I want volume
This is for gold digger right? Haha u mix with quicksand ah?
Spread the words! Hahaha
Gonna try again but I will style with quicksand first and finish with gold digger lol.

My quicksand tub still unused. Using sample all the way bought from HairyPortal. Lol
Tmr use pomade! Lol

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