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After reading all the reviews about quicksand and gold digger, does anyone have any sample sizes to sell? I just want quicksand samples, not interested in those from hairyportal. I don't want to buy the whole tub and end up not using. I still have my renati, uevo, joico, sea salt spray all unfinished at home.
haha tell you a secret! haha hoot the gold digger and skip the rest. LOLOL. no la.

i not retailer, i mass order one. so cannot sell sample kit. lol

Just try laaaa hahaha not often got ppl have 3 bottles on hand to do a/b xD and anyway one bottle minus 5 sprays still can sell for 18 since its already lower than purchase price! XD

And there must be a reason why u wanted the kms ones so badly!
haha. i doubt anyone will hoot from me. unless i use alr give my gf. lol
i also havent try KMS yet. lol. still trying to finish the OS one. use damn long. since Feb or March i think. i think still can last for 2-3weeks.

Your hairstylist said these ah? Yeah nigelle is very expensive and so, my costs for this is very high. Both nigelle bold make clay and prejume styling wax 7 are expensive coz they are by milbon. I just got new stocks in for nigelle bold make clay. I am seriously contemplating having a promotion for this product at a promotional price of $39.90 instead of $45.90. What say you guys? Trying to seek some customer feedback from u guys!
hahaha nobody will say no discounts!
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