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Haha never mind lah bro. Gold digger is good too. Must trust the king of styling products leh. Or u can follow him in buying more products where each fulfils a different role and purpose too.
True true. haha i buy till i blur lohhhh

Actually i got to agree with gaoxing on this. Seasalt spray dont have much variation. Besides smell, it only lies on the holding factor. Just tried Eco Sea Spray today. Smell is definitely better than OS Fashion but hold factor loses out to OS Fashion. Gotta experiment it more but i realized it seems to be more capable in creating a better wavy look with less dryness. Complements my permed hair in this manner.

Anyway, for people who permed their hair, pls hoot sea spray. Any brands will do. It goes very well with permed hair as volume is furthered.
BAM! back by the king of hair knowledge. Lawyer-ed

gonna meet him nao!
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