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Review of the Carbolic Silky Hair Shampoo By Q8 from LeeJhong!
Just received my bottle from him today.
Not a pro shampoo person but i need something to prevent itch from my scalp and cleanse my scalp!
So here goes.....

First impression - Smells like matcha green tea although the liquid is black. 420ML of black liquid goodness in a rectangle bottle with a huge pump!

All I need was a single motion of a pump and the liquid flows onto my palms that is just enough for my head lol. The texture is not exactly gooey as it looks but it does create a good amount of foam on my hair. It lathers quite well when i rub and scrub my hair and scalp. After rinsing with water, i raked my hair and i feel refreshed and dryness. Why dryness? it's a good indication that excessive oil from the scalp and product that i used is being cleanse away fully, leaving me with squeaky clean hair and scalp!

I would recommend to pair it with conditioner in between days. Using this shampoo to cleanse away all the excessive oil and impurities and with conditioner to soothe your hair and hydrating your hair after the cleansing. Wait for the Q8 conditioner that LeeJhong might bring in! .

After air-drying, my hair doesn't feel dry, in fact it feel soft. haha!

Pictures of what i received today.
A nice handmade cloth bag that is made by JH's mum. This is a nice touch to the total packaging to show that he put his heart into his business and his mum is supportive of what he is doing.

Awesome bro! i can recycle and put stuff when i travel. haha

A picture of the actual product!

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