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Anyone keen to order Hanz De Fuko products?

I intend to order direct from their website and ship it in.
Anyone keen, we can just share shipping.

I know they have 15% discount via their website, we can order and ship via concierge comgateway and share the shipping.

exchange at 1.3 for easier calculation.

pm me if anyone is keen.

*Mod, this is not an MO or Group Buy - just wanna see if any is keen to share shipping since I am ordering. If no one, then i will just order on my own.
here already got 2 online retailer selling at dirt cheap prices. lol unless you want the shampoo and conditioner. Mensbazaar having offer though! $25.90 or something. lol

waiting for gaoxing kor kor to do video tutorial!!!!!
hahaha sorry ah, i not youtubber. i watch youtube only.
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