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oops.. too many places to reply, so i reply in the quotey bit! hope you dont mind

I realized smth quite important when i was comparing borderlinx with comgateway. please correct if u have more accurate information. Currently i use more on comgateway than bonderlinx and hope other ppl can contribute more specially the shipping charges.
unlike cgw, blinx like got no rates table; but so far i seem to be paying less via cgw. possibly due to the exchange rate (blinx charge in sgd).

-free repack - they break your things then you know. at least cgw tells me when i wanna repack smth fragile. blinx anyhow pack and break your things.. then dont wanna return you money (or at least take 2months to. when you're a student with a $500 card... this is not good).
-citibank offer free concierge
stupid concierge cannot shop all the good stores lor.. i tried ruelala, armani exchange, bloomingdales, all cannot. in fact, this was why i made the switch to cgw.
-UK & US address

-sales tax state
-add in their bad CS.. outsourced to goodness knows where. talk to them can vomit blood. at least the CGW one speaks decent english

-tax free u.s address
-citibank offer 1st time welcome package (Free quote, 3x Repack, 2x Express upgrade & $5 discount)
-dbs free express upgrade
-dbs 1st time $10 discount shipping rate
-5% shipping rate
-multiple discount code usage (To be confirm)
not always stackable?

-no free concierge
-no free repack
-only US

no issues with cgw so far
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