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i think dior runway is JH! haha waiting for his review of gold digger! very important!
OKAY! Here are my thoughts after using gold digger for one full day after getting it from gaoxing bro yday. On first sight, the packaging is small and petite. Easy for bringing around especially for travel purposes. A volume of 65ml at a cost of $20+ sounds reasonable to me, from the perspective of an end consumer. And after opening it, the first instinct will be to smell it. I am no fragrance sucker but i am very sensitive to smells. Cannot be too fragrant or stinky. It got to suit the context that you are looking at. Gold digger falls onto the side that it emits a slight masculine smell. Just nice for me. So the next question to ask will be how much to use per application. This question is pretty subjective as it depends on one's hair texture and it varies for everyone too. Below image shows how much i used for today. More or less the amount that i used for styling products as my hair is longer and thicker.

I used the hard part of my fingernails to dig up 3/4 of my total used proportion on first dig. Note that i didn't use the soft part of my fingernails to dig as this is slightly hard form and not soft paste or whatsoever. Then, rub on my fingers then spread to my palms evenly afterwards. I then used the towel-drying method to brush from right side of my head to left and vice versa. This complements my hairstyle of having undercut. I want the texture to be seen from the sides and using this method will helps to achieve that. Once i spread the gold digger evenly across the top area, i did not proceed to style the top area. Instead, i used what is remaining on my fingers and palms to pull up and crunch my fringe. Making it into a side pomp, i twisted and curled back my fringe ends (easier as i permed my hair) and use fingers to slightly comb it back. Here it comes.

#1: Hold itself is definitely awesome.
#2: What is more impressive here is that it gives a very nice slight shine texture finish. Definitely not matte IMO and the shine is just nice on the dot. BINGO. When you make a side pomp, it cant possibly look very matte. It just doesn't go well when its too matte but with the shine that gold digger gives, its simply awesome.
#3: Holds and bunches up the different strands of my fringe ends together very easily; no stickiness at all
#4: For long, I had been wondering is this a wax or clay. Both terms depicts different properties and i realized its sort of a hybrid product of wax and clay, which makes it versatile. Clay is usually very dry and gives matte texture finish. Wax is usually softer and gives shine texture finish. Gold digger is not very dry or wet and gives slight shine finish which i simply love the shine that it gives over here.
#5: Its not very hard form and instead, its easy to dig up. Using it to comb it through your hair is simple. Easy application definitely.
#6: Doesn't harden or becomes firm THAT MUCH after application. I am still able to change my hairstyle very easily to side pomp from backcomb (my sides are too long to do backcomb).
$7: Very washable and i mean it. Super easy to wash off. Thumbs up!

Subsequently, i continued to style my top area with the current distributed gold digger spread onto it. Crunch them up as if you are crunching your fist and do it across different parts of the top area. This creates the volume and the layered texture for one. Twist and pinch the hair ends if you want it to further show the contrast of your hair texture. Then rub the sides of the head in a diagonal direction by pressing it inwards. It helps to sharpen your face and makes your hairstyle stand out even more. The above-mentioned steps, i must say, gold digger really impressed me. It really did well on these steps and the remaining 1/4 of the total amount of gold digger used is for touch up and back of my hair.

Now for the cons.

#1: Tends to be heavy. It will definitely pull the hair down so at least for me, to counter the weight of gold digger, i got to use hair spray.
#2: Will yank out a bit of the hair. My hair is of thick texture and i got 2-3 strands of hair being yanked out by gold digger. Still acceptable but people with thinning hair, please take note of this.
#3: The shine itself is still not adequate to make a backcomb IMO. Side comb still okay but backcomb will require a higher degree of shine.

This review comes at a bad timing especially when gaoxing just received award recognition by slikhaar too. But i really hope my 2cents worth of opinions helps those who are considering to buy or try out new styling products. Not an expensive investment to make but i can say its definitely worth it. Should be able to last for 2 - 4 months depending on your usage.

We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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