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that's true. although i don't use powder. haha.
don't know how to use. LOL.

i stick to convention way of blow drying with sea salt spray.
If you know how to put ur cheese on ur pizza, you can use hair powder! Seriously! Zero learning curve bro. Cannot go wrong one! Unless u the kind to twist open the cheese bottle then just empty xD in this case a few grains is enough le

Edit: u probably had bad experience with powders before. But this is different. This is q8. This is revolution. Revolution on par with quicksand and gold digger. Revolution full of win.

Disclaimer: I ain't earning no **** for q8. My promotion for this is purely cos I feel it's so sick awesome. Although I've been using it for sometime I only mention in depth now cos jh got stocks liao! So early adopters dunnid to look high and low like I did. He ain't giving me money or what! In fact I'm trying to jio him to try it ASAP! Ahaha! Looking at you jh bro xD dunnid so apprehensive! Just wack then review only xD! This stuff is that imba.

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