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Consider yourself very lucky. I shipped ~10x with vPOST and I always prefer to collect items from post office directly. I find external packaging always shows signs of poor handling: dirty, black marks, envelopes torn, boxes crushed, etc. No damage except for my last shipment which finally made me decide to try comGateway instead. Despite the evidence of poor handling (my envelope was folded and torn at all corners and had black dirt all over), vPOST refused to take responsibility of the damage. The reason was: the packaging was not good enough to withstand their poor handling (in their words was: to withstand the way they handle and process items).

Not to mention that various CSO only repeated the same unhelpful reply to my emails. When I asked what vPOST deems as satisfactory/good packaging, the answer given to me was: "Let us not discuss about the details". Sigh..

Most of the time I communicate via email so that I have a written proof of their reply. If still unsuccessful after a week via email, then I will call the number listed on their website.

Similar experience here with my damaged vPOST shipment. Out of goodwill, vPOST agreed to just refund the shipping fee plus discount for future shipment (as if I am going to trust them anymore). I waited for a month and the promised refund cheque never came. Spent another week to chase after their promise and after some lame excuse, the cheque came within 2 days. Perhaps they were hoping that I would just forget about the cheque.

Anyway, just to share my first experience with comGateway (which ships by DHL). Chargable weight: 4.5kg. Total shipping charge: ~USD50 (including mandatory insurance at 0.65% of declared value+shipping fee). I chose express shipping. Item was shipped on Tuesday (US time). Expected arrival and delivery is the coming Monday 9 Sept.

Item arrived on Friday midnight Singapore time and delivery attempted at 1030am. Did not expect it to arrive today so I was not at home. Called them after work (at 730pm) to arrange delivery time and phone conversation was superb: no automated messages asking to hold, the guy immediately offered me delivery on Saturday or Sunday, then waited 1 minute while he confirmed with his warehouse, and that's it!

And surprise... the delivery guy came again for another delivery attempt at 930pm so I got the item today! Very very happy.

If I use vPOST, the shipping fee will be ~SGD50 (excluding insurance of SGD18 or 3% of declared value+shipping fee whichever is higher). If you include the insurance, the difference between vPOST and comGateway becomes minimal. I prefer paying more (comGateway+DHL) for faster shipping, better item tracking and possibility to arrange delivery time, even on weekends.

No experience with comGateway+DHL in the event that the item arrived damaged though.

I like hopshopgo or comgateway. Used both before and so fast delivery time is fast and reliable.
Sorry to say Vpost service is suck and not very cheap too.
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