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Decided to write this review after using the gold digger from gaoxing bro only after 2 days cause I thought that I would be able to give an more informed review, and also because i'm good at procastinating

Anyway, my first impression of the wax was that it wasn't going to be too strong as compared to the armino spice which i am using now and absolutely adore! But was i surprised! The strength is similar to, if not stronger that armino wax. The hold also seems to last throughout the whole day. My hair also remains pliable the entire day, cause who here doesn't like to go to the toilet or use handphone camera to adjust and play with your hair!?!

There is no doubt that this wax has a matte texture which is a favorable thing in my opinion. A weird thing i found is that the my hair seems to be easier to style an hour or two after the initial application, after the wax has matured(?). Washing the gold digger off is also no issue as it comes off easily and cleanly.

The incredible holding strength though is a double-edged sword. Upon raking my hands through my hair with this product, some of my hair will snap due to the holding power. However, this being said, my hair is fine in nature and not in the best condition after many bleachings. Also, i do admit i tend to go overboard on the amount i put. So, i doubt many will find this an issue.

Overall, i am very satisfied with this product and i'm quite confident that i will finish this entire tub. *Looks at the pile of half-used hair products* At the rate which i am using, a new tub might soon be in order.

Anyway, here are some pics of how i style my hair. Pictures were taken at the end of the day with no additional product being added. Don't say i no pics!

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